Each single part of the ReCaS infrastructure is "controlled" by the supervision system.

By means of the supervision system  it is indeed possible to:

    • constantly monitor all elements of the ReCaS infrastructure to verify that their working parameters are within the normal operating range.
    • alert the operators if any of the parameters is outside the normal operating range for that device. Depending on the severity of the detected malfunctioning,  various types of alarms can be activated, ranging from a simple entry in logging system highlighting  the devices out of tolerance, notification by mail for most relevant malfunctioning,  to SMS notification in the event of more serious faults and up to a phone call for issues of greater relevance.
    • intervene remotely on all devices:  switching them off or on as well as changing their operating conditions.
    • implement automatically specific sequences of operations upon the occurrence of particular events. For example, in case of interruption of the electrical energy, the supervision system must safely manage the start up of the auxiliary generator, switch the UPS to be fed by the auxiliary generator, manage the return normal operating conditions when the electricity comes back. In a completely analogous way must manage the gas discharge extinguish in case of detection of a fire.


The pictures in this page show some of the devices controlled by the supervision system (air conditioners; PDU's, temperature monitors, electrical systems, etc.).

The supervision system is complemented by the burglar alarm system and video surveillance system.