Computing resources

128 servers (equipped with AMD processors)  (36 INFN- 92 UNIBA) for a total of  8192 cores. 

Storage resources (disk)

3552 TB di disk space from  DELL (1152 TB INFN - 2400 TB UNIBA).


Storage resources (tape)

A Tape Library IBM, System StorageTS3500, with a capacity of 2500 TB (UNIBA).


The HPC Cluster 

Several applications running on the ReCaS infrastructure use parallel computing.

ReCaS provides an HPC cluster made of 20 servers equipped with Intel processors, a NVIDIA K40 board, and inter-conneted  with a low latency network  (InfiniBand).   The HPC cluster has a total of 800 cores:  parallel applications which require less then   800 core can be executed on this cluster.


The User Home

To allow access and interactive use of computing resources by The users, ReCaS provides a system consisting of three servers.

Particular attention was paid to the data management since in general the data corresponds to the code developed by users. In order to prevent accidental loss of data and ensure a high reliability of the system, the storage was made with a triple redundancy: using file-system as CEPH, three copies of the same file are simultaneously available online.

The system was built by UNIBA and has been in production already for some time.



The Local Area Network (LAN)

Computing resources (servers and storage) are connected to a single central switch  with a fiber optic.

This flat matrix arrangement guarantees  a point-to-point data transmission speed of 10 Gbps non-blocking. Two Huawei switches are used (one active, the second passive for redundancy) equipped with 480 ports and 400 optics.

The system can  scale up to 576 10 Gbps connections for each switch.

The two Huawei switches were provided by INFN, while  the fibers for the interconnections by UNIBA.


The Campus Network

Under the ReCaS project the backbone of the Campus network of the University of Bari, in Orabona 4, has been rewired with single-mode fiber.

With the new backbone, all the plexuses in the campus, including the Polytechnic one, can be connected to the DataCenter Recaş (and between each other) with a band as  high as wanted.


The Wide Area Network

The ReCaS DataCenter is connected to the  GARR Research Network were can use up to 10 Gbps.


The management Network (Supervision System)

the management network (1Gbps) has been implemented with dedicated  switches  on a specifica and isolated  sub-network to  ensure security of the accesses and isolation in case of problems.



The Firewall System

To protect servers and data, especially with regard to servers  exposing services to public, particularly those accessible via the Cloud, ReCaS has set up a system based on an Firewall by Fortinet, the FortiGate model 800c, with firewall performance of 20 Gbps transmission capacity of 6 Gbps IPS interfaces and 10-GbE / copper / GE SFP in a 1U form factor.