In the ReCaS DataCenter an aspirating smoke detector (ASD) has been used for its unique characteristics that make it particularly suitable to a DataCenter:

  • Smoke is aspirated actively in the analysis chamber;
  • Cumulative effect for early detection;
  • Ease of maintenance due to lack of active elements in the field.
  • Smoke detection localized near the sources of fire
  • Early detection is particularly indicated in the data centers where continuity of service is a must and the high air movement penalizes point detection systems.
  • An  aspirating smoke detector, thanks to an early warning, can help prevent discharge of the fire extinguishing system due to possible false alarm.


NAF S 125 is used as a gaseous agent of the extinguishing system. Among the halogenated extinguishing agents, the NAF S 125 is the one that requires the lowest concentration in weight.