The ReCaS DataCenter is hosted in a dedicated two-storey building having an area of 430 square meters per floor.

The computational resources are located on the ground floor, in a 270 square meters room. Four islands containing 20 racks (two opposite rows with 10 racks each) can be hosted, up to a total of 80 racks.

Still on the ground floor, in a separate room (see map), the two transformers and the  main switchboards are housed, while the UPS are located at the first floor of the building.

The remaining part of the first floor is occupied by the control room and some offices. 

On the roof are located the refrigeration units, generating cold water used by the heat exchangers in the room (CRAC) to extract the heat produced by the computational units.




 The following companies contributed to the realization of the ReCaS infrasctructure:
Project and Management 

Magnanimo Ingegneri Associati srl



Architectural Advice


Buildings and Systems


  • edilelettra srl 
  • Caradonna ing. Paolo srl