The ReCaS DataCenter is equipped with two identical UPS's (Uninterruptible Power Source), model Trinergy from Emerson, which ensures of  the continuity of operations in case of electricity black-outs. 

Each one of the  two UPS is capable of providing  800 kW for 7 minutes.

The two UPS are expandable up to 1200 kW each.

The two UPS's are used to power two separate power bars that run across the DataCenter hall.
Each rack is connected through two identical power distribution units (PDU) to both power supply lines.
in turn, each server in a rack is equipped with a double power supply and it is connectet to both PDU's.
In this way it is possible to operate the entire DataCenter with only one active UPS, which cam happen, for example, when one of the two UPS's has to go on maintenance.

Each PDU is capable to supply up to 22kW maximum. This gives the limit on the maximum IT power consumable  in a rack. 

Mostly of the PDU are from Raritan and they allow only a remote monitoring.  

Other racks, those which hosts the most critical equipments, use Emerson PDU's, model MPH-ECV27NXXR30/MPH-ECV27NOXR30, which, in addition to the monitoring,  offer the possibility to  switch on and off each single outlet.