Cloud@ReCaS provides high level services (Software as a Service), where part of management is completely under the control of infrastructure's administrator.

  • Remote Desktop based on Linux  and  X2Go software, an open source tool to manage remote desktops, X2go allow to create parallel remote desktop sessions on the same instance, as well as remote connections to monitor or single applications. Via X2go, user can access its own workstation (or to the specific application he wants to access) using every thin client connected to the net.
  • Remote Personal Storage like Dropbox, based on the open source software OwnCloud. This system use a block storage backend, provides a user friendly web interface and a desktop client,  provides a  WebDAV access and can be easily integrated with other systems like these using object storage. These features allows to satisfy several use cases and an heterogeneous group of users/community.
  • RStudio Server  and IPython Notebook Server provides web access to personal accounts to develop in R and python, two solutions heavily used to analyze data.
  • Control Version tools web-based and collaborative (like GitHub) is available. Users are able to create public and private projects. This service is devoted to developers communities, form academic realities as well form corporations.
  • LaTeX Collaborative Platform based on open source software ShareLaTeX.