Cloud@ReCaS provides advanced services, using the Infrastructure as a Service cloud model, aimed at preserving huge amounts of data, and at generating automatic incremental high-efficiency backups of virtual machines and disks. Moreover, the backup functionality is extended to structured data stored in relational (MySQL like) and NoSQL (like MongoDB) DataBase Management Systems (DBMS), through a system which copies, compresses and encrypts the files, storing them on the Object Storage.

Cloud@ReCaS provides data encryption, with different levels of Quality of Service (QoS). In particula, different kinds of encryptions are available, from a simple one, allowing full user support, up to the complete impossibility to decipher the data, even for the platform administrator (this feature is deployed to support use-cases in which the access to information is severely restricted, like e.g. in the case of medical data).

Moreover, Cloud@ReCaS provides advanced network services, as Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) and Virtual Private Network as a Service (VPNaaS). The first (LBaaS) provides the user with an automatic intelligent and transparent balancing of the network traffic from/to the virtual machines, using different methods and supporting all the most common protocols (TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc). The VPNaaS service allows to connect in a simple and direct fashion sites distributed over geographical distances through the implementation of virtual private networks, using the highest security standards as the IPSec (Internet Protocol Security) protocol and IKE (Internet Key Exchange) Policy with advanced algorithms (3des, aes-128, aes-256 e aes-192), and sha1 authentication.