How to create a VM

Before starting to create a VM, check you have inserted your SSH public key in Access & Security. If the public key is not present, follow this guide to add it.
Log in to the ReCaS web dashboard with your username and password, and, from the upper menu, select the tenant in which you want to create a virtual machine (VM).

In the left panel, click Project (1), then Instances (2) and then the Launch Instance button (3) in the upper right part of the page, as shown.

In the new window, configure the VM:

Once the desired configuration has been chosen, click the Launch instance button to create the VM. Please remind that VMs cannot be accessed unless you create and add to the VM proper Security Groups, as shown at this page.

How to configure two network interfaces

If you have inserted two network interfaces (public and private) on your VM, in order to have a stable system you have to configure the private interface with static IP and the public one with DHCP, as shown in the following. Check the name of the two interfaces by executing on your VM the command ifconfig -a.

Then, reboot the VM by typing reboot on terminal. Notice that you have to implement these instructions ONLY when two network interfaces are present, while if there is only one interface (public or private), keep the default configuration (DHCP).