How to configure access rules through Security Groups

Security Groups allow the user to modify access rules to a virtual machine. The user can easly decide which ports to open (in ingress or egress) and from/to which IPs or subnets.

To manage security groups, log in to the ReCaS web dashboard with your username and password. In the left panel, click Project (1), then Access & Security (2), and then the Security Groups tab (3), where a list of the Security Groups already set in the tenant is present.

To create a new Security Group, click Create Security Group in the upper right part of the page.

In the new window, type a name and a description for the security group and then click Create Security Group to create it.

To manage a Security Group (add or remove rules), click Manage Rules. In the new window, the list of the rules for that security group will appear. To add new rules click Add Rule and configure the rule you need (see the examples).

Finally, you have to add the new security group to your VM. On the left panel, click Instances (1), then click on the right menu of your instance (2) and select Edit Security Groups (3).

In the new window, you can add or remove Security Groups from your VM.


In the following, some examples will be shown on how to configure specific rules.