Virtual Desktop Connection

In order to connect to the Desktop of your Linux virtual machine you need the software X2Go.
For Windows VMs you need to use RDP instead, as described in the Windows VM guide.
In the following, you find instructions to configure Virtual Desktop Access to your Linux VM through X2Go (requires KDE Desktop Environment and X2Go Server installed on the VM).

Session Configuration


On your computer:

Session configuration

Once installed the client, execute it and then click the New Session button and configure the session as follows:

  1. choose a name for your session;
  2. insert the IP or DNS name (including domain) of your VM, ex:;
  3. insert your login username (the user on the VM you want to connect with, usually standaruser);
  4. click the button and select your private SSH key;
  5. select KDE as session type;
  6. click the OK button.


To start the session, double click it.