The ReCaS Bari DataCenter provides computing resources not only to the high energy physics experiments  but also serves a wide variety of users by providing services that meet a variety of needs, sometimes conflicting with each other.

Already Bc2S used to provide services to non HEP users, but  thanks to new computing resources acquired through the ReCaS PON project a significant increase of non HEP user was observed.

This trend was favored by the choice to make available the ReCaS computing resources through the Cloud Computing paradigm: thanks to new skills on Cloud Computing gained through the participation  PRISMA PON project.



The figure shows the different communities of users which are currently using the ReCaS DataCenter accessing the resources in several ways.

Local users

About 160 local registered users have access to the resources of the ReCaS DataCenter  to carry out interactive work as well as to submit jobs to the local batch system.

These users can be grouped into the following main areas:

  • High-energy physics experiments: ALICE, T2K, FERMI / GLAST, CMS, PAMELA;
  • Theoretical physics applications: studies of fluid dynamics and QCD, the study of elastic and mechanical property of disordered systems,
  • Medical Physics experiments: analysis of medical images and bio-medical signals (mammography, CT, MRI, EEG, genetic data);
  • Experiments on Biosciences: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), phylogenetic analyses, simulations of biochemical systems.
  • Support for international experiments (Elixir, LifeWatch, Biovel);
  • Study of satellite images (SAR), the risk evaluation in case of earthquakes, weather forecasts (ARPA PUGLIA), numerical analysis, mathematical modeling of economic systems.

Grid access

ReCaS Bari DataCenter resources can also be accessed via GRID by users around the world, who are registered in a VO (eg CMS, ALICE, biomed, ...)  with which there is a relationship and a reciprocity agreement.

Cloud access

As previously  stated, many  resources of the ReCaS DataCenter  are provided to users according to the modern paradigm of Cloud Computing. More than 200 virtual machines are active on the Cloud test-bed set up by the PRISMA project on the ReCaS infrastructure, to support

  • the development of PaaS and vertical applications (seismic risk, e-Government and e-Health) of the PRISMA project;
  • the development of vertical applications of the PON project Open City Platform, OCP;
  • application development and demonstrator for the  Living-Labs projects of Regione Puglia;
  • the research groups of the University of Bari with computing needs and in particular users of the Bioinformatics community  to perform complex workflows and to give them the opportunity to show their results to a wide international audience;
  • graduate students of the University of Bari who can find in the cloud infrastructure provided by ReCaS the ideal environment for writing their thesis (LateX on demand) as well as to make the calculations necessary to complete their own research (virtual desktop, Studio R, Python, etc)
  • European researchers belonging to the so-called "long tail of Science" by linking to the Federated Cloud EGI.

Available tools and 

The ReCaS DataCenter makes available to its users a whole series of applications (generally Open Source) already installed on the infrastructure and ready for use as well as a series of workflow for the execution of complex chains of data analysis.

The following table lists the main applications available. Additional items can be added on request.


            Applications, compilers, tools, libraries and software packages available on the ReCaS Bari Infrastructure