Ongoing projects


PERSON - PERvasive game for perSOnalized treatment of cognitive and functional deficits associated with chronic and Neurodegenerative diseases 

The PERSON  project aims to achieve an ICT environment for diagnosis and therapy, based on a pervasive and innovative system, for both the early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and to support the processes of personalized therapy in case of diagnosed pathology.

It will be developed a new generation pervasive game with which the user can interact. During the interaction the game will be able to diagnose, with the doctor, the disease status of the player and suggest therapeutic exercises in the form of game relieving the symptoms of cognitive impairment and / or slowing the progression of disability.

The continuous adaptation of the therapy compared to patients' reactions will be implemented through hardware wearable (sensors and actuators) and algorithms for user profiling & adaptivity able to analyze the data and determine the treatment to be given.

The algorithms developed in the project PERSON will be available and can be used on the PRISMA Cloud platform implemented on the RECAS Datacenter.

Both INFN and UNIBA (Dipartimento interateneo di Fisica) are involved in the project.


ENPADASI -European Nutritional Phenotype Assessment and Data Sharing Initiative

ENPADASI objective  is " to deliver an open access research infrastructure that will contain data from a wide variety of nutritional studies, ranging from mechanistic/interventions to epidemiological studies including a multitude of phenotypic outcomes that will facilitate combined analyses in the future".

Politecnico di Bari (Dipartimento interateneo di Fisica) participates to the project in close connection with the CNR Istituto di Biomembrane e Bioenergetica IBBE.




OCP is a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education as part of "smart cities & communities" and, more specifically, within the "Cloud computing technologies for smart government" program.

OCP intends to search, develop and test, at a national scale, new technological solutions (open, interoperable and on-demand) in the context of cloud computing along with new organizational models ( sustainable in time by the Local Public Administrations), to innovate, thanks to scientific results, new standards and technological solutions, the provision of services by the Local Public Administrations to citizens, companies and other government departments.

OCP intends to plays a "National wide" role. This characterization is demonstrated  by the large number of Local Public Administrations spread  throughout the whole Italian territory experimenting with the OCP platform  (regions such Marche, Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, as well as numerous municipalities are participating to the project to experiment the solution found).

The project leverages on the experiences of Marche Cloud and on the developments of the PRISMA project to build an open platform which is suited  for the needs of the Italian Public Administration.

INFN-BARI participates  to the project providing and maintaining the test bed on which the project develops its solutions.



EGI-Engage European Grid Infrastructure

EGI- Engage is an H2020 european project.

Within the project, INFN-Bari is in charge of

  • the coordination of the operations of EGI infrastructure, the Grid one as well as the Cloud;
  • the coordination of the group in charge of the release of the GRID Middleware (UMD);
  • the responsibility for the planning, deployment and evolution of the UMD release of EGI.

Another part of the activity concerns with the "Lifewatch" and "DARIAH" Competence Centers. The problem in this case is to enabled  the applications developed by these communities to be executed on the EGI Grid and/or cloud infrastructures.



INDIGO-DataCloud - INtegrating Distributed data Infrastructures for Global ExplOitation

INDIGO is is an H2020 european project funded at the beginning of 2015 within the EINFRA-1-2014  program. It is expected to end on  Sept, 2017.

INDIGO - DataCloud is developing an open source data and computing platform targeted at scientific communities, deployable on multiple hardware and provisioned over hybrid, private or public, e-infrastructures.  By filling existing gaps in PaaS and SaaS levels, INDIGO-DataCloud will help developers, resources providers, e-infrastructures and scientific communities to overcome current challenges in the Cloud computing, storage and network areas.

INFN- Bari is deeply involved in the project and is taking care of the construction of the PaaS layer and coordinates the corresponding workpackege.

INFN-Bari also expressed the Technical Director of the project.


Projects already completed


PRISMA is an industrial research project funded within the PON "Research and Competitiveness" program (PONREC - Notice n. ° 84 / Ric. 2 March 2012 - Axis II - Code Project: PON04a2_A - "PRISMA"), designed and conducted by a group of large national companies, major national research institutes and universities. It was completed on December 31, 2015.

The project has developed and made available an open source cloud solution, reliable and robust, and is ensuring, after project completion, both the evolution of of the platform and user support .

Both the Bari Inter-university Physics Department as well as the "Sezione di Bari" of INFN took part to the project. The most important responsibilities concerned with

  • the development and set up of an open source IaaS platform,
  • the implementation and the management of the Open Cloud Testbed on which the PaaS and the vertical applications were developed.


ReCaS -  Rete di Calcolo per SuperB e altre applicazioni

ReCaS is a project funded within the  program PON Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, Notice 254 / Ric.

The ReCaS project ended on July 22, 2015 after setting up an e-infrastructure that includes four new Data Centers located in the South of Italy (Naples, Bari, Catania, Cosenza).

This new e-infrastructure significantly contributes to the computing resources and storage integrated in the national computing infrastructure (Italian Grid Infrastructure - IGI) and the European one (European Grid Infrastructure - EGI).
The main users (reference) of the new e-infrastructure are the high energy physics experiments currently  taking data at LHC at CERN (ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, LHCb). In the four locations perviously mentioned there are research groups which participate to these experiments and are contributing to the analysis of the data collected so far.

The computing and storage resource of the ReCaS data centers are also accessible to public and private researchers of various scientific domains and applications.

ReCaS is also providing support to a number of projects and collaborations of national and international interest as PRISMA-SMARTCITIES, BioVeL, ELIXIR-ITA, Lifewatch, KM3NeT, LCG-WLCG, Belle2, etc..




IPPOCRATE is a project funded by Puglia region within the LivingLabs program.
The project has delivered an integrated platform to support the activities of prevention and monitoring of the risk of cardiac diseases linked to extreme weather conditions.
The project objectives include:

  • Assess climate risk linked to heart disease according to the meteorological data measured and predicted
  • provide operational tools for the medical staff for analysis and the implementation of preventive measures
  • Convey the information to the population at risk by bridging the digital divide in the elderly population
  • provide tools for remote monitoring of the population at risk for scientific research

INFN of Bari, which was involved in the project, has provided the Cloud platform PRISMA on which it was created the environment for the development and test of the prototype of the platform.

Livinglabs > IPPOCRATE



BioVeL - Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory

BioVeL is a European project that was responsible for preparing the ground for LifeWatch, the ESFRI project on biodiversity.

The project  provided a set of  tools for better sharing expertise and data in the field of biodiversity and for speeding-up the achievement of results.

INFN-Bari has worked in close connection with the CNR ITB (Istituto di Tecnologie Biomediche) at the development of  a series of workflow for a phylogenetic inference  of the genomic data.

INFN-Bari has also provided to the project the computing resources, according to the paradigm of cloud computing, where the workflow and the tools developed by the project were executed.

The BioVel project was completed by the end of 2014,  however the algorithms and tools developed by the project BioVel are  still available and can be used on the Cloud platform operated by the ReCaS Datacenter.