Interconnection of the LBR regional network with the GARR network

On 11 February 2021, the interconnection between the Regional Broadband Network (LBR) of the Puglia Region, the GARR Network, the national ultra-broadband network dedicated to the education and research community, was activated. (see the press release on the Puglia Region website)

This connection will allow the Apulian Health Structures connected to the LBR to use the resources reachable through the GARR network in Italy (such as ReCaS-Bari) and the GEANT network in Europe and to facilitate the exchange of scientific data within scientific collaborations and research projects between researchers working in the Apulian Health Structures and their national and European partners.

To use the connection between LBR and the GARR network, there is no formality to follow: any site on the regional network can communicate with any GARR site.

Transit traffic to other networks is not allowed: if your partner is on the LBR of another Region which is also connected to the GARR network, a direct connection between your institution and  the partner one is not permitted. In this case, the connection can be activated by giving reasons for the request.